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What is the ORA System?

The ORA System is a revolutionary new way to analyze your eye during your cataract procedure; using ORA helps your surgeon tailor treatment to your individual eye.

ORA measurements are used to guide your surgeon to help ensure you get the best possible vision. The measurements are taken after the clouded cataract is removed, when the surgeon has a clear view of your eye.  It gives your surgeon an analysis of your eye during your procedure, enhancing the outcome of your cataract procedure.

What are the Advantages of an ORA guided cataract procedure?

An ORA guided cataract procedure offers fully customized intraocular lens (IOL) placement, helping ensure you have great vision for life.

ORA guided catarct surgery lets Dr. Jeffries measure your eye to refine your outcomes during the procedure rather than having to "wait and see" as with traditional cataract surgery. 

The ORA system is compatible with all standard and premium lens implants and technologies, you can feel confident you will receive the best possible results - no matter what cataract procedure option you select.

Whether you have had LASIK, have astigmatism, or have outside the normal parameters (longer or shorter than normal eye), an ORA guided cataract procedure gives you the security of knowing you can have the best possible outcome, and reduces the chance of needing an additional procedure.  There is an additional cost for utilization of the ORA system.  You can discuss this option at your cataract pre-operative visit.

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